What started out as a small group of semi-drunk fraternity guys 5 years ago has slowly evolved into an annual “college reunion” in the farm land of Harford County Maryland.  Previously known as Boozeapalooza, the new and improved Bozapalooza returned Saturday for a fifth year in 2013.

With the high of kicking ass and taking names at Ironman Lake Placid behind me, Bozapalooza was the perfect event to just relax, drink, eat, and have some fun.  Training was the last thing on my mind.  As happens every year, the weather for the party was perfect, despite a week straight of rain, thunderstorms, and hot and humid weather.  Pilar and I made it to the store on Friday to pick up the final necessary party supplies – food and booze.  With the house and pool cleaned (and of course, the staple spot-a-pot delivered), we were finally ready to kick back and enjoy some long awaited company.

The spot-a-pot has become a Bozapalooza staple item.  "Halls: We're number 1 for your number 2"

The spot-a-pot has become a Bozapalooza staple item. “Halls: We’re number 1 for your number 2”

Around noon, the party goers began trickling in.  The usual catching up about jobs, school, and life lasted for a short while until more people showed up.  Finally, it was time to bust out the corn hole, beer pong, and the ever exciting SLAP cup and never ending flip cup.  SLAP cup is an amazing game.  It’s essentially a mix of quarters (with ping pong balls) and flip cup (sorta).  The goal is to bounce your ping pong ball into your cup and then pass it to the right.  There are 2 cups that are being passed around simultaneously and you have to get your ball in your cup before the person on your left.  If you don’t, your cup gets slapped and you have to drink.  (I’m going to take this time to personally apologize to Megan for slapping your full cup even though you brought delicious crab dip.  It’s a poor habit I’ve had for a while now).  After a couple failed rounds of SLAP cup and the ever so dangerous never ending flip cup, we busted out the grill.  Bozapalooza wouldn’t be complete with a ridiculous amount of food – hot dogs, burgers, chicken.  You name it, we most likely have it.

Bozapalooza - Meal of Champions

Bozapalooza – Meal of Champions

As Kenny Chesney said, everything is hotter when the sun goes down.  We drank, ate, partied, and swam our way into the night while jamming out to Pilar’s iPod that came back to life after a dip in the ocean at Ocean City.  As people made their way inside to get some shut eye and cure their hangovers (which are normal to occur at Bozapalooza around 8PM), I got some good laughs with Beck, Hofberg, Sean, Courtney, Butters, and Donahue.  Most of these guys I haven’t seen in about a year so it was great to catch up with them.  As always, Marks ridiculous stories, Donahues hilarious impersonations, and Becks ungodly low voice and stellar vocabulary gave me an incredible full abdominal workout for several hours.  After 12 straight hours of boozin (responsibly of course – I made it to 1:30AM this year), I made my way to my bed and passed out immediately.

Nothing is more Maryland than UTZ crab chips

Nothing is more Maryland than UTZ crab chips

The next day came pretty quick.  Mama Bosley hooked us up with a delicious breakfast (consisting of store bought bagels and Entenmann’s doughnuts) and people eventually made their ways back to reality, jobs, school, and life.  A couple of people stayed later and that’s always fun.  The next day is always the best part.  Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Bozapalooza officially ended at 1:30 on Sunday. 

On a serious note, I think this event (and this is truly a great event) becomes more and more important as the years go by and it becomes more and more special to me.  After graduating college, friends move away, lives change, work takes priority, and relationships come and go.  There are very few times a year when we can all get together to reminisce, relax, and catch up, especially when life seems to move faster and faster.  It means a lot to both my sister and I that people have traveled from North Carolina, New England, and even the west coast to attend.  You know you have been blessed with an incredible group of friends when you can have an event like this, even after 5 years.  So, for those of you that do not have something as special as Bozapalooza, I highly recommend you start your own.  It’s one of the greatest days of the year.

And so the countdown begins to Bozapalooza: Episode VI.

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