Ramping Up for 2014


Second off, I’m officially calling myself a fitness model.  I’m on a fitness website with my trainer!  Essentially, they think I’m the epitome of fitness.  What can I say.

Fitness with nicole

Now, what this post is really supposed to be about.

With the 2013 season behind me, I took the past 2 weeks to cut out training, binge eat (and drink…), and just have a good time. I tried to relax as much as school and work would let me. The first week off I managed to gain a respectable 3 pounds and my second week I added on another 4. It may be because I’ve been eating meals that are not GRIT-approved, such as the one below.

Beer, spinach dip, and BBQ flat breads.  I may have had a whiskey cake with ice-cream dessert afterwards.

Beer, spinach dip, and BBQ flat breads. I may have had a whiskey cake with ice-cream dessert afterwards.

The first week off I made a trip back to my alma mater, the University of Maryland, for homecoming. Despite another Terrapin loss and managing to injure myself by chest bumping and singing “Bosley came in like a wrecking ball”, I had a blast. Great food, better drinks, amazing friends, and an overall awesome time. Even though I failed to stay awake past 10:30 and didn’t get that “CP Night Life” I wanted to re-live, I did enjoy getting a completely free hotel room.  I knew I was back when I looked to my right (at 8:30 in the morning) and saw the police already in action.

You know you're in college park when an arrest is being made before 9AM.

You know you’re in college park when an arrest is being made before 9AM.

Since reducing my swim, bike, and run hours, I have been hitting the gym to start my off season lifting plan. This plan is really just a way to try to build up muscle before the aerobic training of the in-season eats it all away. It is nice to start getting muscle back, as I currently feel like a smaller version of Gumby. The biggest change I made for the off season is starting this new program at the gym called GRIT. What is GRIT? It’s 30 minutes of high intensity training that works on cardio, plyo, and strength. Over the 8 weeks, it’s supposed to get you learner, faster, and stronger. Oddly, I’m getting fatter, slower, and weaker. It may be because I’ve missed every Tuesday to avoid plyo pushups and it may be because I choose to eat Chipotle burritos instead of quinoa soup, but I’m just going to blame it on my trainers. They’re always to blame.

les mills grit

Speaking of trainers, I’m back with the one, the only, Nicole Bosley-Smith. She helped train me for Eagleman and Lake Placid and I’m excited to be back with her for 2014. She knows her stuff and, although she makes me do too many burpees and an excessive amount of pushups, she makes the 6am training sessions bearable. I’m pretty pumped for 2014. The season is slowly starting to take shape. As I noted earlier, my first race will be in April for the Boston Marathon. I just got my final acceptance notice in the mail this weekend, so I guess it’s official! I’ll probably try to throw in a race before that (Maybe the club challenge 10 miler for RASAC?). In May I get to go to Knoxville, Tennessee to compete in the Rev3 Age Group Championship finale. To qualify, you have to be ranked in the top of your age group at the end of the 2013 Rev3 series. With my wins at Quassy and the Half Full, I have a good amount of confidence going into this race. Money is on the line 🙂 . Afterwards, I’m going back to Cambridge to race Eagleman. I’m excited to see how my time compares to that of 2012. It’s fun to race in a race you previously competed at to truly see you improvements. I don’t have much planned after that, but in October I’ll be heading to the Poconos to race in the inaugural Rev3 Poconos 70.3.

rev3 leaderboard

Obviously, I’m focusing on the 70.3 distance next season. I loved the full-iron distance, but it really burnt me out and I enjoy the faster pace of the half. Like in years past, I feel like my bike is still my weakest link. To improve, I signed up for the Endurance Nation out season plan. It’s very bike and run heavy with little to no swimming. It’s a lot of threshold work and the workouts are no longer than an hour, which fits perfectly into my busy schedule. Their philosophy for the out season is get faster to go farther. I’ve heard great things about their plans, so I’m really looking forward to starting it on Monday.

So, with that, 2014 training is just 2 days away. I’m going to really make the bets of these last 2 days. I have a night full of shenanigans tomorrow night with a great crew from the Arena Club and then a day of drinking and eating for the Ravens game on Sunday. Monday starts my training, and my reunion with the previously mentioned Nicole.

Get ready, 2014, because I’m ready to make you the best year ever.

boston confirmation

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