Running in a Winter Wonderland!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Snow time = run time.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Snow time = run time.

I love snow days!  Over the past two days we got about 6+ inches of snow, which is pretty rare for Maryland (minus the blizzard of 2010 aka Snowpocalypse/Snowmagden, in which we were stranded in College Park  for ten days).  For one, it made for an amazing Ravens v. Vikings game.  The slow start turned into an epic win in the last 4 seconds of the 4th quarter with a Flacco TD pass to our rookie receiver Marlon Brown.  Aside from that Ravens battle, finals being cancelled and our staff meeting in Baltimore being postponed,the best part of a snow day is being able to go out and run and slide in the snow and ice.  There’s just an awesome feeling of the gray skies, the whistling of the wind, the fun of getting all your cold gear on, and then just crunching along in the powder.  What’s even better is being able to look at all the Christmas lights along my running route and seeing the untouched snow out in the farm fields.  It’s so relaxing and liberating – especially when you go without your heart rate monitor or your watch.  A lot of times during the year I forget to enjoy running because I’m so concerned with hitting a certain pace.  But since you’re pace isn’t going to be too fast in the ice and snow anyways you might as well enjoy the slow paced run.

Got my Underarmour and and hat on and I'm ready to run.

Got my Underarmour and my hat on and I’m ready to run.

Warm Up: 20 minute Z2 driveway shoveling

Warm Up: 20 minute Z2 driveway shoveling

I did an easy 4 mile route along my neighborhood and was planning on getting some great pictures.  Apparently my piece of crap iPhone decided it didn’t want to work.  I did get a couple pictures before my run, however.  It got me a little more in the Christmas spirit seeing all the decorations and the snow and all the kids making snowmen and sledding in the neighborhood.  Another thing that really gets me in the Christmas mood is the fact that my Zipp/Powertap wheel set I bought is finally in the state! The wheels had a long journey from California over the past week and I can finally pick them up this week 🙂 Super excited!! I’ve been really hitting the bike pretty hard on the trainer since it’s been too cold and snowy to ride outside.  The workouts are from the Endurance Nation plan and consist of mostly Z4/Z5 zone training in 2, 6, or 12 minute intervals with 2 minutes easy recovery between each set.  I’ve noticed just from the three weeks I’ve been using the plan that I’m a lot more efficient and that I’m getting a lot stronger.  I’m excited to see where my FTP is when I get my power tap set up.

So far its been a pretty laid back December.  Most of the Christmas shopping is done and most of my 2014 is planned . The only thing I’m debating is whether or not to trek down to Knoxville for the Rev3 series championships.  Money and prizes are on the line and I’m currently first in the series.  It would be cool to have that title, but not sure if it’s really worth the money for the entry, travel, and hotel.  I have until January to make up my mind to register.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  Don’t forget to eat a lot and run in the snow. Just remember, don’t eat yellow snow!

Better be nice.  Santa's watching!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Better be nice. Santa’s watching! Merry Christmas everyone!

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