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Moxie – Character, determination, nerve.

All of these are necessary for the endeavors triathletes embark on each and every day.  Whether completing your first sprint triathlon or training to finish the ultimate endurance event known as Ironman, it takes an equal amount of hard work, dedication, determination, and sacrifice.  In the end, “finding your moxie” helps you to achieve feats you never deemed possible, as you push yourself past your limits and outside your comfort zone to achieve your ultimate goal.

Triathlon has always been considered an individual sport.  You swim, run, and bike and each individual is timed – from the start of the swim, through T1 and T2, and ending as you cross the finish line.  Behind each finish, though, is a unique story and, most likely, an incredible support system.  I have an amazing support system that includes my family, friends, training partners, trainers, and coaches.  I guess you can parallel a support system with that of the producers and stage crew of a movie.  You see the actors on screen, but the real work comes from those off the set who put that time into directing, lighting, editing, etc.  In the end, they do get that sense of satisfaction, unbeknownst to the audience, and a little credit at the end of the film.  I always try to thank my support system after every race and training session for the sacrifices that they also have to make that often goes unnoticed to others.

So, in a sense, triathlon is actually a team sport.  This support system is incredible important inside triathlon circles.  Across the nation triathlon clubs and triathlon centers are starting to expand and with this quick rise in clubs has created several club challenges on several circuits – such as the Ironman Tri Club Program and several club challenges at various races.  Each team has members racing for not just themselves, but for points for their clubs.  Not only does this create a team atmosphere and a sense of pride in the sport, but it also has had a huge impact on introducing newbies into the sport.  This expanded support system is so vitally important for the future of triathlon.

2013 was a great year for me.  I had several podium finishes and several age group wins.  I placed 2nd overall at the Maryland Half Marathon and just missed a Kona spot at my first Ironman in Lake Placid, New York.  It was a great feeling and I had my family and friends to thank, but in the end I knew I wanted to do more with the sport.  I’ve taken great pride at my local gym in helping introduce others into the sport that changed my life and helping them progress through the distances – whether helping people finish their first half marathon or giving advice on pacing for a half ironman.  At the beginning of January my eye caught a Facebook post about applying for a national team with the goal of expanding a local club based in Austin, Texas across the nation.  I applied and was one of 50 lucky people selected ot the Moxie National Team.

The Moxie National Team is made up of several hard working, dedicated, and enthusiastic elite athletes all pushing each other to achieve their best.  Not only do we have the amazing support of each other, but we also have the support of several great sponsors, which I hope to introduce in the near future.  With only a week interacting with this team I know it’s going to be a great year.  Each person has an incredible resume of races and results and even greater goals for 2014.  Each day, as people post their workouts and training paces, it motivates me and pushes me to get my ass together and get to work.  Logging on to the Facebook page today and seeing people with 18 mile training runs and 3 hour long bikes rides was just the motivation I needed to bust out a 2 hour, lung busting workout on the trainer.

I’m pumped to see what 2014 brings and can’t wait to race along side these amazing athletes.  So America, watch out.  Moxie Nation is here and is coming to a podium near you.

Find Your Moxie

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